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Market Updates:

Breakpoint Trades has been provided industry leading technical analysis on the general market, commodities, and trade ideas since 2003.  During the week we issue 4 very comprehensive newsletters Monday – Thursday, and two on the weekends (one on the general market and one focused on commodities). 

The newsletters are audio based where we discuss each chart and topic as you follow out.  You will notice 4 tabs at the top of each newsletter from left to right: Original Player, New Player, Trade Ideas, and Follow Up on Preview New Trade Ideas. The newsletters open by default in the Original Player and display each chart in a top down fashion while automatically playing the audio. The NEW Player tab allows you to skip around and view only charts and audio that you want to listen to, this is a very convenient feature for many of our subscribers who like to streamline the process

Featured Charts

I’m keeping a record of the LIVE Called Out SPY System Trades in a  table in the Trades tab section. Also following the big correction from late Feb – Mar 24th 2020 I made some additional adjustments to the systems, which I believe further mitigates risk and gives the systems more opportunities to exit after a reversion to mean move.  For ETF Trades I do 10K for each entry with 1st entry as SPY, 2nd as SSO, and 3rd as UPRO.

For options I typically buy options with an expiration about 2 months out. For first entry trades I target a delta of 0.6, for 2nd entries I target a delta of 0.5, and for rare 3rd entries I target an even lower delta below 0.5. The thought process there is that 2nd and 3rd entry options have a higher probability and thus I I can buy options with lower delta to give more leverage.  Also PLEASE be aware that SPY options trade until 4:15 so you can buy them after the cash market close! Therefore you have 15 min to enter these after the market close, many folks are unaware of this as all other options cannot be traded in after hrs market.

How Are Trades Called Out:

Whenever one of the 21 sub systems takes a new trade, that trade is taken at the close of the day. Also most of the system trades exit at the close of the day as well, though a few of them exit on the next day’s open. As explained above the systems take their entries as ETF’s and Options.  I notify you by sending you an email whenever one or more of these sub systems take a trade. Most of the time I try to send an early notification email in the middle of the day email to alert you that there could be a system trade, and I’ll then confirm that trade near the close as the systems technically do not confirm until the close as they are based on daily systems.  I also post this information on the Community so that’s a good place to check as well. As far as entering the trades, realize the ETF’s like SPY etc trade until 8 pm EST, therefore you have plenty of time to enter these trades in after hrs if you miss the close. Also SPY options trade for an additional 15 min after the close so even if you miss the close you have an extra 15 min to enter.

Brief Description:

The SPY Pro  systems are a collection of 21 sub systems most of them are reversion to mean meaning that they will attempt to buy oversold pullbacks, or short oversold rallies in downtrends. They are based off past statistics and  look for high probability trade situations based off rare statistical  occurrences. For example let’s say the market was very oversold and very far below it’s 9 day EMA, you have a rubber band situation there where price is due for a reversion to the mean and test or close back over its 9 EMA.  That’s what the systems do, they look for areas where the market is too stretched and due for a mean reversion, then get back out of the market once that price reversion occurs.

The systems are in cash most of the time, think of them like a tiger stalking in the bushes for his prey, he waits for the right opportunity and then pounces, that’s what these systems do.   A recent trade was a short triggered from the Exhaustion  Short sub system, which was taken on 9/2/20, and the market sold off strongly starting the next day.   The name of that sub  system itself is pretty descriptive of what that sub system is looking  for i.e. exhaustion short, it sensed correctly that the market has been  trading up for too many days in a row and was due for a correction.

That exhaustion condition has only occurred about 20 times in the last  25 years with 93% of them producing winning trades or pullbacks.   Remember these sub  systems simply look for trade opportunities whenever the market gets  stretched one way or another, it then looks to close the trades out  after that mean reversion occurs.  These sub systems are completely  opposite to the KISS SPX 401K which is a trending system that tries to  stay long all the time in uptrends. These systems are mostly in cash,  and look for trade opportunities here and there.

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Our analysts have over 50 years of market experience and have done it all from Hedge Funds, to Day Trading. They can help you expand your trading knowledge or dial down on your 401K.

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