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CEORoadshow Interviews Sincerity Applied Materials Holding (SINC) CEO James Zhang


In this episode of CEORoadshow, we are joined by Mr. James Zhang, CEO of Sincerity Applied Materials Holding Corp.

Sincerity applies its unparalleled expertise in polymer science, and chemical science, along with its deep manufacturing and engineering capabilities, to develop category-defining products that support industries’ transformation and enhance people’s lives.

Their stock trades under the ticker SINC.

About Sincerity Applied Materials Holding Corp

Sincerity Applied Materials delivers high-performance environmental polymer and solutions, to help customers reduce product wastage, improve logistics efficiency, and reduce their carbon footprint. The Company, through its China partner, has been developing its exceptional material technology through partnerships with leading Chinese research institutions and facilities. Today, Sincerity’s products are widely used in the automotive, packaging, building & construction and engineering industries.


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