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Cust2Mate Smart Cart, Made in Israel, to be Introduced at US Supermarkets NASDAQ:AZ


Cust2Mate Smart Cart, Made in Israel, to be Introduced at US Supermarkets $AAZZF


A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. announced that its Cust2Mate smart cart, developed in Israel, will be introduced early next year at the Evergreen Kosher Market, with locations in Monsey, N.Y., and Lakewood, N.J. 

The Cust2Mate smart cart is a proven self-checkout smart cart for retail markets. It leverages advanced, user-friendly technologies to streamline shopping for consumers while boosting store-management efficiency.

It streamlines the shopping experience by recognizing every purchased item and enabling in-cart payment so that shoppers skip lines, while also allowing retail grocers in-store promotions to shoppers to discounted products.

“We are excited to announce our second pilot in the United States with supermarket chain Evergreen Kosher Market,” said Rafi Yam, CEO of Cust2Mate. “This pilot program represents an important step in the growth of our company as we continue our efforts to expand our presence and roll out the Cust2Mate smart cart platform in stores across the United States.”

An Evergreen Market spokesperson noted that the carts will allow them “to expedite the shopping process and streamline our operational capabilities, creating a much more efficient shopping experience for both the customer and the store.”

A2Z previously announced its first pilot program with Morton Williams Supermarkets, a leading upscale grocery store chain, operating 16 stores in the New York metropolitan area.

The 60-day pilot program will deploy 50 Cust2Mate smart carts at two of the chain’s locations.

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