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CEORoadshow 2022 Webinar Series Presents dais Corporation (OTC: $DLYT)


Welcome to the CEO Roadshow Webinar Series where we feature small and mid-cap stocks that may be undervalued or have other upcoming catalysts that make them a potential long-term investment opportunity.

In this series, we will be joined by members of the Executive Team of dais Corporation (OTC: $DLYT).

This webinar will highlight dais Corporation’s latest developments and provide a full presentation of the company’s business modelTo register for or join any of the upcoming webinars, please click on the individual link below for the dates you would like to attend and register.

2022 Webinar Dates

dais offers “industry-changing” nanotechnology applications that address the growth of global water and energy demand. Furthering dais’ proven ability to create eco-friendly heating and cooling products, the company is now innovating cost-effective and energy-efficient methods for both water purification and energy storage solutions.Recently named one of the “12 Energy Projects to Watch in 2012”, dais will continue to deploy its nanotechnology plastic materials into the 21st century and beyond.

Air. Energy. Water. Moving Molecules for a Sustainable Future.

About dais Corporation

dais Corporation is a nanostructured polymer technology materials company that has developed and now commercializing applications using its family of nanomaterial called Aqualyte. The first commercial product is called ConsERV, a fixed plate energy recovery ventilator that we believe is useful in meeting building indoor fresh air requirements while saving energy and lowering emissions for most forms of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

We are developing other nanostructured polymer technology applications including (i) “NanoClear”, a membrane process for creating potable water from industrial process waste (petrochemical, steel, etc.), seawater, brackish water or other forms of wastewater, and (ii) NanoAir, water-based dehumidification, humidification, heating and cooling system with no fluorocarbon refrigerants.

We further believe our nanostructured polymer technology may be useful in developing an energy storage device capable of greater energy density than traditional capacitors or batteries.

ConsERV™ & NanoAir™ HVAC products create a new generation of heating/cooling equipment, eliminating emissions from fluorocarbon refrigerant (CFC/HCFC) commonly used in HVAC and refrigeration. ConsERV™ & NanoAir™ HVAC present opportunities for market leadership with breakthrough technology. dais’ value proposition for the ConsERV™ & NanoAir™ HVAC applications is the ability to deliver improved heating, cooling, and refrigeration energy efficiencies while reducing the associated carbon footprint by more than 50%.

NanoClear™ clean water systems revolutionize water desalination and wastewater treatment with an eco-friendly, affordable, and simple process. This process is scalable to almost any size. Commercially available dais nano-materials have the control and selectivity to remove virtually any substance, providing affordable, abundant, and energy-efficient clean water.

NanoCap™ ultracapacitors offer the potential of an energy storage unit capable of replacing the internal combustion engine. This ultracapacitor can dramatically improve power delivery in both consumer electronics and in a “smart grid” power transmission. With the advent of an energy storage device scalable for small or large projects, electricity from intermittent electricity generators like solar panels and wind turbines could be stored on an individual, community, or societal level. Such storage would allow the steady and predictable release of renewable electricity into the grid, greatly advancing electricity delivery.



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