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CEORoadshow 2022 Webinar Series Presents GEX Management, Inc. [Symbol GXXM]


This Webinar is part of the CEO Roadshow Webinar Series where we feature companies that are involved in high-growth industries and sectors of the economy.                 
In this webinar, we will be joined by members of the Executive Team
of GEX Management. [Symbol $GXXM] 
This webinar will highlight GEX Management’s business and
revenue model as well as the company’s latest developments.                            
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About GEX Management, Inc.

GEX Management, Inc. Is a Professional Services, Staffing and licensed Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Company providing strategy consulting, staffing and comprehensive back office and PEO services to clients in a variety of industries. GEX Management services include Staffing, HR, Payroll, Risk & Compliance, and Strategy Consulting, and provides progressive and complete solutions for employee management and operational needs.

GXXM Management with VIPs
GXXM Management with VIPs

For more information,

visit: http://www.gexmanagement.com and https://goatx.com/#/


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