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CEORoadshow Presents ShiftPixy, Inc. (NASDAQ: PIXY)


In this Virtual Roadshow series, we are joined by ShiftPixy, Inc. (NASDAQ: PIXY) a Florida-based national staffing enterprise that designs, manages, and sells access to a disruptive, revolutionary platform that facilitates employment in the rapidly growing Gig Economy.

This Webinar is part of the CEORoadshow Virtual Roadshow Webinar Series where we feature up-and-coming public and private companies that present unique or attractive long-term investment opportunities.

In this Virtual Roadshow, we will be joined by the CEO of ShiftPixy, Mr. Scott Absher.

They trade on the NASDAQ Exchange under the ticker PIXY

About ShiftPixy

ShiftPixy is a disruptive human capital services enterprise, revolutionizing employment in the Gig Economy by delivering a next-gen platform for workforce management that helps businesses with shift-based employees navigate regulatory mandates, minimize administrative burdens and better connect with a ready-for-hire workforce. With expertise rooted in management’s nearly 26 years of workers’ compensation and compliance programs experience, ShiftPixy adds a needed layer for addressing compliance and continued demands for equitable employment practices in the growing Gig Economy.

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ShiftPixy, Inc. Listed on NASDAQ: PIXY
ShiftPixy, Inc. Listed on NASDAQ: PIXY
ShiftPixy, Inc. (NASDAQ: PIXY)
ShiftPixy, Inc. (NASDAQ: PIXY)

View and download fact sheet.

Fact Sheet 2021_V18_10.21.21

  1. TECHNOLOGY – ShiftPixy’s mobilized gig platform approach equips operators with the tools they need to engage and compete in a new era of labor. ShiftPixy elevates engagement and satisfaction for neglected shift workers.
  2. ShiftPixy’s innovative growth strategy deploys a first use of non-balance sheet financing to create explosive growth.
  3. The completion of the Company’s current project is expected to create one of the largest employers in the US in 2022.
  4. Building the fastest growing, highly monetizable part time labor force to meet the demands of a fast-changing Human capital market.
  • Growth through rapid acquisition.
  • Increased per-employee unit economics through high-value technology and large national scale.
  • Completed recapitalization – $50M equity raised.
  • Completed $100M IPO of our first sponsored SPAC, Industrial Human Capital, which trades on the NYSE and is expected to be a “Mega Client” for ShiftPixy.
  • Currently preparing to fast track a large group of independent regional staffing firms into three large national labor pools.

The birth of the gig economy brought the first wave of human capital market disruption. This first wave leveraged technology to change the way part time workers thought about and engaged in part-time work opportunities.

The second wave of human capital market disruption hit with COVID-19 which halted part time work at a massive scale. COVID created initial separation and ultimately elimination of small business work opportunities.

The current or third wave is the slow return to work for workers incentivized to stay away by government subsidy. This wave is showing up with a “help wanted hole” in the economy. This wave is also ironically creating a new market driven escalating minimum wage


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