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USA and Israeli Retailers Deploy Cust2Mate SmartCart $AZ


A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. has introduced its Cust2Mate smart cart platform in the US and Israel.

“Our team has decades of experience and proven success implementing new retail PoS systems in supermarkets and other retail chains that have been widely adapted globally,” says Rafael Yam, CEO at Cust2Mate Technologies.

“We are rolling out our mobile retail platform, which is already being installed, backed by a service and support infrastructure that supermarkets are already working with.”

“Cust2Mate will deliver on our our promise of an unparalleled, personalised shopping experience while providing retailers with valuable new intelligence, and system support to increase sales.”


Cust2Mate is installing carts in the New York City chain Morton Williams Supermarkets.

And a chain in Israel, Yochananof, has also deployed a number of carts. Evergreen, with stores in New York and New Jersey, will conduct a pilot beginning in February.

Other pilots by different companies will be announced throughout 2022.

“From the moment the shopper’s smart cart passes the designated entry gate, the system engages the customer to offer promotions and discounts as well as add to their purchase with suggestions to augment their menu if, for example, they appear to be purchasing salad ingredients or mayonnaise to go with their canned tuna,” says Yam.

“The system will learn and remember customer habits and store patterns, allowing the retailer to leverage this valuable retail business intelligence across the chain in accordance with all privacy laws.”


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